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The recordings here have all been taken during live performances and carefully selected among a lot of tapes, looking not for the "perfect" executions, but for the most musical, emotional, or best sounding. 

Some sample of my concerts are found on this page. Please, go down to download my MP3 or RealAudio concerts' demos for free.


F. J. Haydn Quartet n°1 Op.5 (Presto)
1,15 MB  305 KB

F. J. Haydn Quartet n°2 Op.5 (Adagio)
1,94 MB  514 KB

W. A. Mozart Quartet K.285 (Allegro) 
1,10 MB  292 KB

W. A. Mozart Quartet K.285 (Adagio) 
1,23 MB  326 KB

W.A. Mozart Quartet K.298(Andantino) 
1,60 MB  424 KB

Live Concerto

F. J. Haydn
W. A. Mozart

Quartets for flute, violin, viola & cello


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F. Schubert Sonata "Arpeggione" 
1,63 MB  431 KB

R. Schumann Romance Op.94 n.2
3,45 MB  910 KB

F. Schubert "Arpeggione" (Adagio) 
1,19 MB  315 KB


Duo Images

Live Concerto



Gabriel Fauré - Fantaisie Op.79
2,26 MB    597 KB

Claude Debussy - La plus que lent 
1,38 KB     365 KB

Henry Büsser - Les Écureuils
487 KB     129 KB

Flûte à la Française 

Duo Images

Live Concerto


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Prof. Diego Collino
Via Guerciotti, 33  -  20025  -  Legnano (Milano) Italia
Tel. (+39) 0331-549329 - Cell. (+39) 348-5539587
E-Mail: info@diegocollino.com